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Brunildo Espinosa is referred by some of the other artisans as one of the pioneers of the craft. He originally comes from a town in the central west part of the Dominican Republic, close to the border with Haiti called Las Matas de Farfan. It wasn’t until 1977 during a trip to visit his sister in the city of Santo Domingo that he first had an encounter with the craft of jewelry making. His sister who at the time worked at a jewelry store in the dominican capital, introduced him to a friend who made jewelry for the store. He took Brunildo under his wings and trained him in the craft. After some years working along his teacher, in 1982, Brunildo decided it was time to move on and decided to buy a little place and some tools that would let him start his own jewelry making business. Fast forward to 2012 when he decided that the city life was not for him anymore and decided along with his wife to move to the little seaside town of Bahoruco to start a much quitter life and give forward to a new generation the talent that was given to him more than 30 years earlier.
Throughout his almost 40 years making jewelry, he has trained more than 60 artisans in the art of the craft. Today is Brunildo a key figure in his new town of Bahoruco who keeps the passion for the craft alive and fights for the recognition of Larimar as a unique stone and part of the dominican story and a key supporter of Alma Azul.
Brunildo Espinosa is Alma Azul.

Where does your jewelry come from?

Larimar Handmade Jewelry is the first product that Alma Azul represents. The jewelry is made in the communities of Bahoruco and La Cienega, located south of Barahona in the Dominican Republic. The local Artisans create Larimar jewelry with stones sourced from the local mine.