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Cristian Vargas, like many young men in this region worked for some time as a miner at the nearby Larimar mine. After realizing how demanding and dangerous the work was, he started searching for alternatives to being a miner. He saved some of his earning in order to take a course how to learn the art of making jewelry using the same stones he was helping to dig out of the ground, Larimar.
After completing the course, Cristian had the knowledge but not yet the means to buy tools or materials to start making jewelry, so he had no choice but to keep working at the mine for another two years after completing the course.
He started making a few pieces and working with 2 machines he was able to buy with his savings from the mine and slowly his efforts gave way to his creativity which he looks mostly to nature for inspiration.
He enjoys being an artisan so much, that when new ideas come to mind, he can not sleep until he starts working on it!
Cristian Vargas is Alma Azul!

Where does your jewelry come from?

Larimar Handmade Jewelry is the first product that Alma Azul represents. The jewelry is made in the communities of Bahoruco and La Cienega, located south of Barahona in the Dominican Republic. The local Artisans create Larimar jewelry with stones sourced from the local mine.