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Oscar Cena was born in the Lake Enrriquillo region of the Dominican Republic. He ventured as many do, to the dominican capital of Santo Domingo looking for a better future. In 1987 he found himself un-employed and decided to follow the advise of some friends and family members who recognized his creativity. He learned as much as possible from a friend of his family the art of jewelry making. Since more than 30 years, Oscar has earned and supported his family with his passion for the craft even though he never finished high school. He is a modest and simple person who one day wants to be able to own his own home and live the rest of his life in a simple and quiet way.
Oscar Cena is Alma Azul!

Where does your jewelry come from?

Larimar Handmade Jewelry is the first product that Alma Azul represents. The jewelry is made in the communities of Bahoruco and La Cienega, located south of Barahona in the Dominican Republic. The local Artisans create Larimar jewelry with stones sourced from the local mine.