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Our Vision

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." – Nelson Mandela

About the brand

Alma Azul represents handmade products from around the world, made in small communities by local Artisans.  The brand stands for “Responsible Business”, we purchase the finished products directly from the individual local artisans, we then distribute and sale them throughout the world. At the end of every business year 50% of our company’s net profits are returned to the local communities in form of Social Programs targeted to help educate local children in the subjects of Languages, Cultures, Technology and Natural Environment.

Our core values


Our promise to each Artisan is that we buy directly from them a finished product, we bring it to the market under the brand name Alma Azul, but we will always give credit to the Artisan for their work. We also promise to help the children in their community by providing tools and programs that can help them define their future and the future of their community.


We promised ourselves, our customers, our artisans and their communities to always maintain a high level of transparency in the way we operate our business. This is why each product is given a unique ID-code which can be used to track the item back to its artisan.
We address each and every customer concern personally and provide an open book policy when it comes to our company revenue, profits and social programs.

Heart and Soul

We set out to create a brand and a business that is driven by its values, and none is more important than to listen to our hearts and souls at every fork on the road, before crossing any bridge and when faced with hard decisions.

'Our vision is to provide Artisans from all over the world with a brand that represents them and directly helps their local communities through social programs.'

Edwin Almanzar

Founder & CEO

Meet our artisans

A perfect blend of creativity, energy, communication, happiness and love. Let us arrange a smile for you.

Cristian Vargas
Oscar Cena
Brunildo Espinosa
Eliezer Felix

Larimar stone

Larimar is a rare blue variety of the silicate mineral pectolite, which is only found in the Dominican Republic and is attributed to have health benefits.

Where does your jewelry come from?

Larimar Handmade Jewelry is the first product that Alma Azul represents. The jewelry is made in the communities of Bahoruco and La Cienega, located south of Barahona in the Dominican Republic. The local Artisans create Larimar jewelry with stones sourced from the local mine.